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Welcome to our website. Let start by introducing ourselves and telling little bit more about our company, and the services we offer in the Oatlands area. To start with we have a team of locksmiths who has five mobile locksmith vans on the road all the time; we are based in the Parramatta area the North Parramatta area also the Oatlands area. We are continuously servicing locks and keys in the local area all day and every day, and that is why we advertise our service of local locksmith in the Oatlands area.

Our locksmith company holds a Master security licence which is recognised by the security industry registry, and we are a member of Asial which is a security organization for security professionals. We have been a member of a civil almost 10 years now and we are one of the few companies that can proudly display their logo as an accredited member .All of our locksmiths are highly trained and have upwards of 5 to 10 years’ experience each.

We have been working in the Parramatta district for close on 10 years now and have been providing locksmith services in Oatlands are the same amount of time. One of the main factors of our locksmith service is our 24-hour service that we also provide.

Not all locksmiths provide a 24-hour service, our locksmith service is one of the few companies that do in the Oatlands area, so when you really need a locksmith you can rely on us, not only during business hours but also out of business hours. You can call our locksmith any time and we will be able to help you with your keys and locks.

There are a number of reasons why it is worthwhile using our locksmith service compared to other locksmiths. One of those reasons is because we are a local company, which is well known in the area, and have worked in the area for a number of years; another more important factor is that our prices are reasonable and also competitive if not better than other companies in the area.

We often give discounts to people in the local area because they are local and it is easier and cheaper for us to attend to their work compared with driving across Sydney, because it is quicker for our locksmiths to attend we are able to give discounts.

Another reason that sets our locksmith service apart from other locksmiths is because our locksmiths have local knowledge and are part of a professional locksmith company, but most of all our locksmiths are helpful and friendly. It can makes a big difference to have a friendly locksmith especially when the unexpected happens and you’ve lost keys or had your house broken into any need to change keys, it’s always nice to see a friendly face.

Our locksmiths do provide a service to the Oatlands area as well as other local areas in the vicinity, so if your friend or family needs a locksmith you can easily recommend us even if they are located in a different suburb.

Our company also has locksmiths positioned in different areas of western Sydney. For example we have a locksmith located in the Hills district near Castle Hill we also have another locksmith located in the Fairfield district near Liverpool we also have another locksmith located in the heart of Parramatta and also in theCarlingford area right next order Oatlands.

Because our locksmiths are positioned in different locations around the Western Sydney area it allows us to always have a locksmith within a local proximity.

This is one reason we are able to attend to your lock and key needs so quickly and also provide you a fast and effective service when you need us most, when you have locked yourself out or if your locks changed straight away.

Although we are a mobile service we also do have factory and can provide some of the more complex locksmithing tasks, such as master key systems and security keys. If you find that you need a little bit extra security, speak with one of our locksmiths who can advise you about some of security key systems that we can install and also some of the security locks that we can install to help you improve your security.

Not only do we do security keys we also have deadlocks that we install as well is window locks, we can install a variety of different locks to maximize your security and keep you safe.

If you have just moved into the Oatlands area and you are looking for a locksmith to change your locks for the first time, we hope you keep us in mind. We have changed many people’s locks that have just moved into the Oatlands area.

We can also make suggestions on improving your security where needed. Oatlands is not an area which is high in crime rate, but it still is important to have good quality locks on your windows and doors. The best part about using a local locksmith is they can share local knowledge about other incidences that have happened in the local area, and can provide the best advice on what type locks are best suited for the area.

If you would like more information on our locksmith service please call the number above, for  general enquiries please call between nine and five and fall of enquiries feel free to call 24 hours a day if your enquiry is of the an emergency nature feel free to call 24 hours a day our locksmiths are always on standby and can always help you get back inside your unit day or night or even your car if you have locked to keys inside your car.

Our Locksmith Oatlands service looks forward to your call and helping you with your locks and keys in the future


Locksmith Oatlands NSW — 8 Comments

  1. How much dose it cost to have a lock re coded ? I Have just split up with my girlfriend after 3 years and I feel she will come back when I am at work and clean me out. I need to get the locks re coded and new keys, so her keys will not work. How do I go about this and how long dose it take ?
    Thanks Andrew

    • Hi Andrew,
      The cost to re-code normal hose locks is from $33-55 per lock + the call out fee.
      So if you want to keep someone out, you will simply need to change at least one lock to a new key, this means that the old key will no longer open the lock. Our locksmith can change the key without needing to replace the, this saves time and money.
      Call the number above to make a time to have your lock recorded. It takes about 15 min per lock

  2. Do your locksmiths also do automatic gates ? We have a large front yard in Oatlands and we would like to have sort of security to stop people coming onto our yard.We need to have an automatic gate installed and some kind of intercom and some way to let the meter reader in as well. Can you please provide a quote for such a service.

    • Hi,Sorry we do not install gates, We can change the lock or repair the lock, but we don’t build or repair gates.We can help you with access control for your gate and an intercom, but you will need to have the gate installed first
      Thanks ..

  3. I have a lock and i need new keys, do I need a locksmith to help me or do I need a new lock cylinder from the hardware and do I need to change it my self ? Im not very handy.

    • Hello, The best way to have your lock changed to a new key is by using our mobile locksmith service, When you call, we send a locksmith to your door, who then can repair or change your locks as needed. You don’t need to remove your locks from your door, Simply call the number above and we can send a locksmith to you. That the best way and its more practicable then removing locks and leaving your place unlock wile you have a lock changed.

  4. Hi,
    I live in Oatlands and I was wondering where you locksmith shop is located, I have been in Oatlands for the past 10 years and have never seen your shop. I have seen your locksmith vans going past a few times a week, but don’t know where you are in Oatlands. I have a key that I will need made for a lock that I have on my front door. A few years ago I lost the key and have been using my other lock because of the missing key. I would like to bring my lock into your shop to buy a replacement or have a key made. Is this something you can help me with ?
    Thanks Phill

    • Hi Phill,
      At this stage we do not have a locksmith shop in Oatlands, We do have mobile locksmiths that can come to you and do service the area, but no shop to bring your lock into.If you are looking for a lock replacement, you can email a photo and we can sell you a replacement lock.Very few locksmiths have shops and showrooms anymore. Feel free to call our locksmiths any time if they can be of service to you.

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